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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1859758581481252296399185Gimhan D MalliyawaduKnoxfield2018/2019Division 52 1Eildon Park
2813998681481252289958681Tom BoxellKnoxfield2018/2019Division 1 NR Reeves Shield1 1Ferntree Gully Footballers
3803995711481252296399680Daniel SeymourKnoxfield2018/2019Division 53 1Upwey-Tecoma
4783997881481252290068578*Jayson ScanlanKnoxfield2018/2019Division 31 1Ferntree Gully Footballers
5743994491481252289958674Zachery WilsonKnoxfield2018/2019Division 1 NR Reeves Shield1 1Ferntree Gully Footballers
6715861721481252290070271*James PetrovskiKnoxfield2018/2019Division 34 1Ferntree Gully
7665864061481252297909666Hayden BurleyKnoxfield2018/2019Division 72 1Eildon Park
8663998681481252289960666Tom BoxellKnoxfield2018/2019Division 1 NR Reeves Shield5 1Knox Gardens
9616927211481252297909261Michael PittKnoxfield2018/2019Division 71 1Rowville
106011823701481252304418360*HEATH CHAMBERSKnoxfield2018/2019Under 121 1Mountain Gate
11593709321481252289960659*Darren A PetersenKnoxfield2018/2019Division 1 NR Reeves Shield5 1Knox Gardens
12586927211481252297909658*Michael PittKnoxfield2018/2019Division 72 1Eildon Park
13573998681481252289959157Tom BoxellKnoxfield2018/2019Division 1 NR Reeves Shield2 1The Basin
14527178511481252297909652Brodie S ParoissienKnoxfield2018/2019Division 72 1Eildon Park
15508978261481252297184550*Jake D SimpsonKnoxfield2018/2019Under 16 Div 13 1Ferntree Gully Footballers
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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